Established as an advisory body to City Council, the Edmonton Historical Board (EHB) is entrusted with a multifaceted mission encompassing historical counsel, heritage policy recommendations, community collaboration, and citizen education initiatives. With a resolute mandate to foster, advocate, and champion the preservation of historical assets, resources, communities, and documentary heritage, the EHB serves as a pivotal custodian of Edmonton’s rich legacy.

About the EHB

The EHB operates through three instrumental committees, each with a distinct focus:

  1. Heritage Outreach Committee (HOC): Enriching Public Awareness
    • Facilitates external communication on EHB activities through diverse media channels.
    • Prepares publications and educational initiatives as directed by the EHB.
    • Identifies and shares information on festivals, conferences, and events promoting Edmonton’s heritage.
    • Collaborates with heritage bodies, bringing forth concerns to the EHB.
  2. Historical Plaques and Recognition Awards Committee (P&A): Honoring Heritage Contributions
    • Since 1974, places interpretive plaques on historically significant sites, informing the public of their importance.
    • Recognizes individuals and groups contributing to heritage preservation or promotion through awards.
  3. Historical Resources Review Panel (HRRP): Expertise in Preservation
    • Composed of diverse experts, including EHB members, representatives from community development, historians, architects, and community members.
    • Offers professional and technical knowledge on the historical, architectural, and social values of Edmonton’s buildings, sites, and areas.
    • Advises on proposed amendments to the Register of Historic Resources and other heritage matters.
About the EHB

Membership and Collaboration

The EHB comprises 11 members appointed by City Council, serving one-year terms with a maximum of six consecutive terms. Working closely with the City Archives, the EHB receives administrative support and has a representative on the Naming Committee. The City Archivist, or designate, observes EHB proceedings, and the EHB’s Administrator is supervised by the City Archivist. Heritage Planners from the City of Edmonton actively participate in EHB meetings, addressing heritage aspects of city planning.

History and Evolution

Origins trace back to 1938 as the Archives Committee, evolving into the Archives and Landmarks Committee in 1947. It transitioned into the Edmonton Historical Board in 1966. While the City Archives became a separate unit in 1971, the EHB persisted in its advisory and promotional role, shaping the city’s heritage narrative.

For inquiries, consult the FAQ or reach out through the Contact Us page on the City of Edmonton website. The EHB stands as a bastion, safeguarding Edmonton’s heritage for current and future generations.