Embark on a Journey Through the Mesmerizing Tapestry of Edmonton’s Past!

Edmonton, a city with roots reaching back millennia, stirred to life by the footsteps of Indigenous Peoples who have been custodians of this land for thousands of years. The metamorphosis into the city we cherish today commenced in the 1800s, a period marked by the convergence of individuals, events, and influences spanning local, national, and international spheres. To illuminate this captivating saga, we’ve crafted five succinct sections, each a window into Edmonton’s evolution across sweeping historical epochs.

Pre-Contact and Fur Trade: 11,000 BCE to 1870

Indigenous Peoples, with a lineage entrenched in the tapestry of Turtle Island, have eternally called this region home. Dismissing alternative migration theories, their narratives have been woven into the fabric of this land since time immemorial. The arrival of settlers in the West was catalyzed by commerce and the quest for raw materials, marking a transformative juncture.

Urban Settlement: 1870-1904

Urban Settlement: 1870-1904

The embryonic stages of Edmonton’s contemporary identity sprouted in the early 1870s. A modest community at its inception, it burgeoned steadily until 1904, attaining a population exceeding 8,000.

Urban Growth: 1905-1913

Edmonton’s landscape underwent a seismic transformation between 1905 and 1913, with an unprecedented surge in population from under 10,000 to nearly 70,000 within a few fleeting years.

The War Years: 1914-1945

The period spanning 1914 to 1945 cast Edmonton into a crucible of change. The echoes of the Great War, the throes of the Depression, and the tumult of the Second World War left an indelible imprint on the city’s narrative.

The Post War Years: 1946-1970

Edmonton’s destiny took a profound turn with the discovery of oil in Alberta. A tidal wave of rapid growth, propelled by new technologies and evolving lifestyles and perspectives, reshaped the very essence of Edmonton’s architectural panorama. The post-war era heralded an era of transformation, forging a city that resonates with the cadence of progress.