Hello, I’m Olen Langosh, a passionate professional deeply immersed in the captivating world of architectural history. Currently calling Canada my home, I’ve made it my mission to unravel the rich tapestry of Edmonton’s architectural past and share its stories with the world.

From an early age, I found myself drawn to the stories that buildings tell—each structure a chapter in the history of a community. This fascination led me to pursue a career in architectural history, and my academic journey has been dedicated to exploring the intricate details of Edmonton’s architectural landscape.

Residing in Canada, I’ve become a recognized authority on the architectural heritage of Edmonton. My commitment to preserving and promoting the city’s unique architectural identity is evident in my extensive research, writings, and contributions to the field.

Olen Langosh

I am the proud founder of edmontonsarchitecturalheritage.ca, a website and blog that has garnered acclaim for its in-depth exploration of Edmonton’s architectural history. Through this platform, I share insightful articles that chronicle the evolution of the city’s built environment, shedding light on the significance of each architectural gem.

My writing style aims to make architectural history accessible to a diverse audience, transcending the boundaries of academia. Through the blog, I hope to not only educate but also foster a sense of pride and appreciation for Edmonton’s architectural treasures.

My Latest Posts

Beyond the digital realm, I actively engage with local communities, offering talks, workshops, and guided tours to share my knowledge firsthand. The goal is to raise awareness about the importance of architectural preservation, earning recognition from both the academic and civic spheres.

I continue to be a driving force in documenting and celebrating Edmonton’s architectural history. My unwavering dedication ensures that future generations will inherit a profound appreciation for the city’s unique architectural legacy. Through my work, I capture the essence of the past while contributing to shaping the narrative of Edmonton’s architectural future.